Los Bravos are set to put on an exclusive show at the prestegious Auditorium in Palma de Mallorca on 27th of October. This performance is covering some of the all time classics as well as the songs from the new album including their latest release: In The Sun.

Tickets are available at: https://auditoriumpalma.com/es/espectaculo/los-bravos/

In The Sun, written by Jo Pro is dedicated to Miguel Vicens who passed away only few weeks before Los Bravos latest show in March 2022. Miguel was an active member of the band until his last days, working on the music and image of Los Bravos tirelessly. His Legacy will remain forever while he is re-uniting with his friends, Manolo and Toni Martinez.

On 5th of March, 2022 Los performed Live at the magnificent Trui Theatre in Mallorca, Spain. As a tribute to Miguel Vicens, Pablo Sanllehi joined Bruce Game on Vocals, Jo Pro on Guitars, Jaume Amengual on Keys, Sergi Tomas Vidal on Drums, France Prohens on Bass, Isadorra Ferreras and Miriam Lopez Duran on Backing vocals to create a night of memories and surprise. Los Bravos have recently released six new tracks from their upcoming album and what a better way to cherish the life of their beloved bass player and founding member, Miguel Vicens (1944-2022)

Everybody Here Needs You

Written by Jo Pro, this is our latest single and the second contribution between Jo and Los Bravos. EHNY is a new age rock with the old school twist. a rare combination of modern and vintage rock. The guitar tones and Bruce’s powerhouse vocals makes this song so special beside beautiful drums played by Sergi Vidal and great bass lines by Franc Prohens. Jaume Amengual has got his usual magical touch on keyboards and Isadoraa Ferreras is adding her beautiful voice to the arrangement. The lyrics are simple but very effective and overall an easy and enjoyable song to listen to.

Yeah, I do believe It’s true
All the love that I have, Is for you…
  • Music and words : Jo Pro
  • Vocals: Bruce Game
  • Keyboard: Jaume Amengual
  • Drums: Sergi tomas Vidal
  • Bass: Franc Prohens
  • Backing vocals: Isadora Ferreras
  • Guitars and Backing vocals: Jo Pro
  • Mix and Mastering: Adam Cain
  • Produced by Los Bravos

Tony’s Eyes

Written by Bob Wright, Tony’s Eyes is a tribute to Antonio Martinez, the founding member and guitarist of Los Bravos who died in a motor bike accident on his way to his studio at the age of 45 in 1990.

Bob Wright was vey close to Tony during the time he was the lead singer of the band after Mike Kennedy left. ” Tony was a very interesting character” Bob says.

Produced by Bruce Game and Los Bravos, the song has been recorded in London, Mixed and Mastered by Adam Cain.

Written by Bob Wright
  • Music and words: Robert Wright
  • Produced: Los Bravos and Bruce Game
  • Vocals: Bruce Game
  • Guitars and Piano: Bruce Game
  • Bass: Victor Tugores
  • Drums: Jerry Sadowski
  • Mix and Master: Adam Cain

I Can’t Get Enough

Written by Jo Pro and produced by Los Bravos, This song is a power ballad to cherish the life and career of Los Bravos founding member and keyboard player, Manuel Fernandez, who took his own life at the age of 25 soon after losing his wife is a car accident.

Dedicated to Manolo and Lottie with love
  • Lead vocals: Bruce Game
  • Guitars: Jo Pro
  • Keys: Jaume Amengual
  • Drums: Sergi Tomas vidal
  • Bass: Marc Grimalt
  • Backing vocals: Isadora Ferreras
  • Backing vocals: Miriam Lopez Duran
  • Backing vocals: Jo Pro
  • Production supervisor: Pablo Sanllehi
  • Production supervisor: Miguel Vicens
  • Recording engineer: Sergi Tomas Vidal
  • Mixing engineer : Adam Cain
  • Mastering engineer: Anthony Lim
  • Cover design: Vahid Zamani
  • Produced by Los Bravos

Los Bravos latest releases are: “Tony’s Eyes”, “I Can’t Get Enough”, “Gotta Be Strong”, “Chariot” and “Black is Black Live” continuing to have more releases in 2021.

Written by Bruce Game and Jaume Amengual
Written by Bruce Game and Jaume Amengual

Los Bravos have been re-united after introducing Bruce Game as the new singer of the band in 2019. Bruce is a multi instrumentalist UK based singer songwriter. Originally from Iran, He did his studying at the ICMP and University of East London graduating with Masters Degree in Music. Bruce specialises in Freddie Mercury Tribute shows.

Miguel over-hears Bruce’s voice at one the shows at Mallorca near his home town. He approached Bruce after the show explaining about Los Bravos and the week after Bruce got introduced to Pablo discussing the plans to reunite the band for future gigs and a possible Album.

Few month later they performed two nights in a row at Santanyi Principle Theatre. The shows proved the band still having the energy and substance to entertain a crowd more than 50 years since their top billing days.

Los Bravos benefits from some great resident musicians in Mallorca

Guitar & Backing vocals: Jo Pro

Keyboards: Jaume Amengual

Drums: Sergi Tomas Vidal

Bass: Victor Tugores

Backing vocals: Miriam Lopez Duran & Isadora Ferreras

Gotta Be Strong – 2020

The fresh blood of having a new singer led to the idea of creating a new album. The songs got written and the band getting ready for yet another world class book of songs rejuvenating the seeds planted in 1964.

Bruce does his first appearance as the new lead singer of Los Bravos- Santanyi Theatre 2020

The founding members of Los Bravos, Miguel and Pablo believe Bruce has got the potentials and experience to do the transition of reconnecting the past to the present and also taking it to the future.

“Los Bravos do not only belong to 60’s but all generations ” Pablo Sanllehi